Resume Search made easy with ‘Recruiter Engage’

So you are dissatisfied with your current job! And you are looking for a thousand websites online, attaching your resume and fill in the details of your previous work experiences, meticulously answering all the questions of the search website to fetch a ‘perfect job‘ description from its database when its available. You do all that’s necessary and only find that the inbox newsletter is just a result of few keyword searches by the job search website and then dawns the disappointment on your head for the time spent all along with no results. Well, there’s another way to land on your next ideal jobs without hassle. One Stop. Jobsmunk. We are different. Out of all the job searching websites, recruiting websites; we offer personalisation of your job resume. And don’t worry about your resume being shared with anybody else; it stays on our database and a when a right match is found for your resume, we send an email alert. Our users’ privacy is our priority. Our next step in making the recruitment process easier for companies is “Recruiter Engage“.  This tool enables the recruiters connect with the job seekers and help them pick their candidates with ease. Just by engaging with us, when you post resume, your requirement of candidates are notified about the job instead of all the seekers out there, thus getting bang for buck.  Recruiter Engage also helps in picking the right resume from a list of applications, send an email alert on your behalf to the potential job seekers. The job seekers and recruiters are connected with our website, the former by getting email alerts based on the customization of their resume and the latter on posting ads visible only to the potential candidates in that field, selecting the resume of those candidates you are looking for and thus connecting them with you. Our resume search is highly functional and personalized according to the employers’ choice. For more information about our product, send your queries to

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