Jobsmunk-Your ideal jobs search website.

Every individual needs growth either in his professional field or personal life. In case of professionalism, one would want to establish a career that provides a satiable and healthy challenge along with job security and compensation. But very often, it’s observed that employees are very much dissatisfied with their current job, but they don’t put the required effort of finding a new one. It’s really stressful to shift to new job and losing all the credentials you have earned so far, very unsure if the new job would offer the same opportunities or being unaware of one’s worth in job market. Well, you are scared of risking the present job and not finding the right one. Well in the vast pool of jobs, finding the Perfect one is a job in itself and that’s what we do at Jobsmunk.

Jobsmunk , an online job searching website is one place where searching for the perfect job is made easy.

Who we are?

Our technical team is an ensemble of ex-software professionals from biggies like Yahoo, Netflix etc. We ensure that you get your perfect job description by our highly functional algorithms, written to interpret the data from your resume and find a match from a vast set of jobs that suits your previous work experience and what you expect for your career as a next step.

Using Machine Learning, the programs collect and match data with the available jobs. All you’ve got  to do is provide your email address and upload your resume so that we can mail you when a right match is found. So Just Sit back and   relax while our virtual recruiter finds those much awaited jobs for you. And by right match, we mean to connect you with that ideal job, which requires the same credentials and same amount of experience you’ve had in your field, the job available conveniently in and around your location with the right amount of skills needed which you mentioned in your resume.

Jobsmunk is currently focusing on the Software Engineers who are based in USA and looking for new jobs. With increasing demand for software engineers and software increasingly becoming FOSS, it is relatively tough and time consuming to go through every job profile listed in the job searching websites and to deal with the wrong job options delivered to your inbox everyday is another story altogether. So, Jobsmunk has made it easy for those software professionals to find their perfect job with complete satisfaction.

How are we different from other job portals?

We offer customization to maximum extent and only provide the details of the jobs that are ideal for you. The user friendliness of the site is another advantage. So, instead of going through the painful task of creating a profile, filing the details and updating information every now and then, within two steps your job is done and we start ours. Isn’t that easy?

So, be done with the difficult notion of searching a job and let us look ahead for your bright future.


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